ROSSOSAPORE idea was born as just idea a few years ago (the brand was even recorded at end 2005), with the desire to revive those that are the basic rossopomodoro principles: the craftsmanship, tradition and research of basic products in a context of faster service at the counter.
In this sense it has retraced a Neapolitan concept very old restaurant that of "Vac 'and press ..." (which means I'm in a hurry).
Vac 'and press is the forerunner of modern flat bread but exists in Naples, Piazza Dante, for over one hundred years ... and since then it sells pizzas, fries, "zeppoline" ... but also the typical Neapolitan pastries: the puff and the baba.
In fact the first real selling point of "Rossosapore" as a well-defined concept was born some years ago in Naples (our traditional laboratory) in the central Piazza Trieste e Trento

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